What is RTP in slot machines

RTP in an online casino stands for Return to Player. The translation sounds like “return to the player”. RTP is a percentage that theory suggests how much money you can get back at the end of the gaming session. It is generally accepted that the average is 95%. 91% is considered low, and 98% or more is considered high. The higher the RTP value, the more often and larger the winnings, although another indicator, such as volatility, is responsible for this. Volatility is the ratio of the frequency and the number of winnings.

Knowing what RTP is is very useful because in this way you can only “spin” those slots that are endowed with the highest returns.

Slots with low and high RTP:

Low return: Slot Gacor Hari ini machines with a low return to player value rarely bring payouts, and their amounts are unlikely to cause a “wow!” effect.

High return: It is in such games that multiplication records are set. In a game with a large RTP, it will not be difficult to bring in x10,000 or even more.

Slots with an average return level are between the first and second from the list above. These are games in which you will receive average payouts with an average drop frequency.

Even though the RTP is a theoretical indicator, you should not bet on those games that return less than 95% if your goal is to maximize the bank. However, there are always exceptions, because slots work on a random number generator that cannot be predicted.

The RTP won’t matter if the slot turns out to be unlicensed. Before starting the game, make sure of this. Ideally, choose a slot machine that you like not only in terms of RTP but also in terms of other criteria: bonuses, design, plot, and interface. You can get acquainted with the RTP in the payout table, help or on the official website of the provider.

Some providers allow players to change the RTP, which can be convenient in certain cases. Some studios allow you to choose the return to the gaming operators of online casinos so the same game in different clubs may have different RTP values. In addition, the developer reserves the right to update his software, including changing the return percentage, making it higher or lower.

Despite all this, as a rule, the RTP in slot machines is always at the same or approximately the same level. Rarely do manufacturers make major changes. As a rule, updates are made in games that are too large payouts, disrupting the provider’s economy. Even if the RTP is changed, you can find out about it right in the game by opening the help or paytable.